General Contract

IBC – is a construction company, which will manage all processes on your construction site. You will not have to deepen into construction nuances such as: utilities, installation, sanitary engineering, concrete, electrical mounting and land works. We will ensure effective cooperation between particular brigades and specialists, working on your object. Our team will cooperate with you from the beginning of the project until its completion to realize your vision of the project you are looking for. Our cooperation implies the following:

  • After getting familiar with your unique construction project, the purchase order manager will evaluate type and structure of the project, which is important for its successful implementation. Afterwards the manager will meet you, give free consultation and plan steps for realization of the project.
  • Our architect will meet you in order to design the conception of your unique project.
  • A group of managers will elaborate a structure of management of your project, renovation of construction and plan of its realization.
  • By the end of the week you will have a preliminary design of a unique construction project and calculation of costs.


IBC is a company which shall take care of conclusion agreements with subcontractors. If you choose us to implement your project you will feel safe from the beginning to the end of its completion. You can be sure that the project will be completed on time and within the budget, proposed by you. We offer you a full complex of services in construction sphere.

We are proud of our company’s image and always offer quality products to our clients at a reasonable price.

Our motto: Striving towards perfection, quality and safety in everything!

General Contract

Our experience and professionalism will create an impression on your project.


IBC is a reliable executor of your construction orders.

General Project

The group of our architects, constructors and engineers will implement the project on time.